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Introduction: The Purpose of Hypermedia Studies with the CIW


For an independent study this semester at FGCU, my partner Lauren and I will be connecting with the CIW and the Student Farm Workers Alliance to do ethnographic research in southwest Florida. Our intent is to build a body of work that can be given back to the public and the academic world. The knowledge we create will be shared in the form of hypermedia–information can be accessed via social medias, hyperlinks, web blogs, and other interactive forms of web-sharing. Lauren and I have also discussed a traveling museum exhibit that makes use of the interdisciplinary hypermedia model.

During our study, Lauren and I will be individually focusing on a topic of our own interest. I will personally be exploring the creation of knowledge through visual medias, including film, photography, and graphics (essentially, I will be screening films as well as interpreting still visuals). I will use these mediums to analyze the creation and interpretation of knowledge. This analysis will also be used to compare and contrast the knowledge that Lauren and I create during our study. Our work will be analyzed in terms of its context with the CIW–that is, ethnographic analysis will engender a stronger understanding of the topic.

My end goals are to create a web-site, or interactive blog that will allow public access to information and allow for public feedback. With the visual information gathered, Lauren and I will create a film that will also be broken into segments and presented in the form of hypermedia (hosted by a website or blog).


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  1. Kitty Wahlberg says:

    A good start on your website šŸ™‚ My suggestion is to make your initial title on the home page more user friendly, by naming the Coalition of Immokalee Workers (use the full name instead of the acronym at the top). Your acknowledgment of hypermedia is good, as is the notion that one can explore the topic through hypermedia, so perhaps something like “Exploring the Coalition of Immokalee Workers Through Hypermedia” then a subtitle that expresses something about the community. Then your summary of what hypermedia offers will be more meaningful within the context of your project.

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