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11/6 Stories from the People


Last week Natalie and Joe, leaders of the sister branch of the CIW the Student/Farmworkers Alliance, and Celia, a representative of the CIW, came to FGCU to present information to the Museum Studies class on campus. I found this to be an opportune time to meet the leaders of the SFWA, and to interact with Celia again (last Spring I met her at the CIW headquarters and recorded her for about fifteen minutes. She spoke to a small group I was with about women’s rights, farmer’s rights, and the Fair Foods Program taking place). I recorded the presentation on my Canon t2i in black and white. Due to the unstable footage (and the size of the file), I decided to utilize only the audio and incorporate a still image of the speakers that I had taken before they began speaking. During the question and answer segment of the presentation, the professor of Museum Studies, Noemi Creagan, asked several questions (hence the fourth speaker not pictured).

After the presentation, Joe distributed 5 documents pertaining to the coalition. These documents can be seen here.

The documents include the background of the Publix Campaign, which is also discussed in the presentation; A blog article written by a professor at FGCU; Information on the Student/Farmworker Alliance; An About the CIW leaflet; And and informational leaflet about a recent protest called Fast For Fair Food.

I am still in the process of uploading the audio file, as well as some video files so keep checking back for those items.


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