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12/14~ The End is Nigh


Although the end of the semester is rapidly approaching (and has actually passed for most students) the Coalition of Immokalee Workers will continue on until their goals have been met. The pursuit of achieving their goals will continue to be a difficult struggle for the community, and the globe (in terms of human rights issues, equality, and so forth). I hope that the information provided in this hypermedia project aligned the reader with the issues that we continue to face in modern times–human trafficking, modern-day slavery, women’s rights, hegemony, etc, and provides a context with which to actively participate in alleviating such issues.

Throughout the year, several events took place around the United States in order to raise awareness. I was able to participate in the March Against Publix in March of 2013, as well as sit in on a class lecture that introduced the CIW to the academic community at FGCU. The Student Farmworker’s Alliance–who works in unison with the CIW–hosted the Justice Concert for Coalition of Immokalee Workers” on the FGCU lawn in November, 2013. It included musical performances by local artists. Unfortunately, I could not attend this event. Lauren, my partner, attended an Anthropology conference in Washing D.C. which focused on human rights. The conference had Student Farmworker Alliance speakers from across the US. The cohesion and commitment of the CIW is astounding and can definitely be seen in their numerous successes throughout the last decade (if not decades).

I would like to thank those of you who took the time to explore this medium of information and knowledge creation. I hope this site remains a good source of information for people who are familiarizing themselves with the CIW. Although I didn’t receive the feedback I was anticipating for my research, I continue to encourage new visitors and old to express their opinions concerning the content, the coalition, or both.


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